Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree ... We found you.

I like to call this story of the quest for the perfect tree.

Not a brown tree. Or a tree trunk.
Not a Charlie Brown tree. Or a hall tree
A big, pump, green tree is what we were after.

It was a dark and snowy night.

Ok, not really, but it was a cool, crisp day. And there was a perfect tree to be found amid a small clump of pines at Hullets Christmas Tree Farm near Hutchinson.

So we went traipsing. We ran. And we managed to secure a tree that would be deemed perfect by just about anyone, including Charlie Brown. 

By nightfall, that tree had lights. It had ornaments. It had class. It was a Bickel-perfect Christmas tree. And the girls were happy. 

But it's three weeks later. Christmas music is off the radio. The tree droops in the living room. And I am sad. 

I still have Charlie Brown Christmas on DVD. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A successful deer season

Another year of successful deer hunting. I bagged an 8-pointer. John got a buck and a doe, and now we are in the middle of processing nearly 200 pounds of deer meat! The girls love it. So far, meals have included deer steak, deer breakfast sausage and deer brats!