Sunday, October 14, 2012

Proven winners - old costumes are good costumes

Sometimes it's best not to mess with proven winners.

I had been racking my brain for what my children could dress up as for the annual Gypsum Fall Fest Halloween costume contest. They are 5 and they've won the past three years.

But I have to admit I just couldn't think of anything. So i dug into my parents closet for a couple old costumes that already had won the annual event - 30-plus years ago.

The first is Oscar. The Grouch, that is. My mom handcrafted the costume when I was 5. They stuck me in an old trash can and I wheeled around the old city auditorium - clinching the first prize that year.

There there is Snoopy - a costume that is probably 45 years old. My mom had sewn it first for my brother. Then I wore it as the Red Baron, pedaling a bicycle that she had turned into a red World War I flying machine.

It, too, was a winner.

Why mess with success?

Brett took first as Snoopy, but instead of a bicycle, my husband, John, built her a doghouse. Snoopy actually flies on doghouse, after all. John told her to wave to the crowd, but she wouldn't let go - until they announced her as the winner. Note the top picture, she's clapping for herself ...

Kaci, her twin, took second as Oscar. I found a old trashcan I had used for target practice - stuffing the bullet holes with dirty socks and banana peels.

Jordie was a mouse in a mousetrap. She took third in her age group - which has caused me to learn a valuable lesson - it's best not to take ideas off the Internet. Seems everyone saw this idea. But no worries, she still is a cutie. My dad built this contraption based on a Victor mousetrap. I'm thankful he is a carpenter!