Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fourth of July fun

Sometimes I wonder if our children are more hyperactive.

This Fourth of July, while all the other kids in their clean little outfits ... khaki shorts and cute little tops, stayed clean for their parents, our twins were covered in dirt.

They didn't sit still. They ran around like little monsters. I knew the other parents at the party we attended were wondering if we had control of our children.

We do, but if we want to talk to anyone, we have to let them roam. After all, we are watching two, not one.

Brett and Kaci are cute. They are funny. They are a handful. But we love them dearly.

Still, the girls had a great Fourth of July. Grandma Vicki bought them some cute red and blue outfits. We spent most of the day at our city's July 4 celebration, which was a lot of fun. They picked ducks out of a pond, played in the dirt, watched a volleyball and basketball match and played in the dirt some more.

By the end of the day, they needed baths before heading to the annual fireworks display.

We drove up town to watch it. However, they were asleep before it even started.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Brett like the word "mine," even though she doesn't really own anything, yet. Maybe someday.
She's about ready to go to church. She's in her Sunday best, as I would call it.

My life is a little less hectic. My husband and I direct the rec program in our little town, and we've been swamp. Plus, I cover agriculture for my job at the Hutchinson News, and wheat harvest is a busy time. But it is all fun. I'll be posting some new photos soon, as well as updating my column for The News.

As for the twin girls, they are great. If anyone has advice on how to solve the "Mine" problem, that would be awesome. Little Brett loves the word, and gets mad when she doesn't get what she wants. Any advice would be appreciative!