Monday, April 29, 2013

Even in Hutchinson there is some "road rage"

Dear Ask Hutch:

This concerns 17th and Faircrest Drive. When you are gong west on 17th, it is two lanes when you stop at the light at Severance Street. Then, just west, you come to Faircrest Street on the right. Barely west of Faircrest 17th narrows to one lane.

Frequently, the vehicles in that right lane merge into the left and only lane - and so often it is not safely done. Why isn't there a sign east of Severance saying those in the right lane must turn right? There is a lane to turn right off Severance onto 17th when coming from the north. This is a dangerous place at 17th and Faircrest and a bad accident could happen and could be avoided.

I brought up the question here in the newsroom as I was trying to search out the answer. But the comments and discussion made us realize this is more than just an Ask Hutch question. Most agreed with the question asker. Jason immediately got riled up about the people "who jack wagon" into the left lane of traffic, cutting off the people who are in the "correct" left lane. Jim said he makes allowances for out-of-county and out-of-state tags, but added Reno County residents should know better.

There are other uniquely Hutchinson traffic problems, as well.

* 30th and Main - Head west on 30th past Main, and the same one-lane issue appears.

* Avenue A bridge on Main - Go south on Main past Avenue A, and many of us often get confused as to what lane ends as we're driving over the Avenue A bridge. Somehow, it always works out.

* Fifth Avenue near Dillons - One I hate the most, however, is probably Fifth and Adams by Dillons. The left lanes ends as you are heading west on Adams. If you're not in the right lane, plan on being patient.

If you're heading west on 17th, it turns into a one-lane road just past Faircrest.
* 11th and Plum - Even newbies soon have this one memorized. If you are heading west on 11th by the Cosmosphere, you have to be in the left lane, otherwise turn right on Plum.

* Hutch News Facebook reader, William Hirst, reminded me not to forget 11th Avenue and K-61. "What genius thought of that?" he writes.

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