Sunday, April 13, 2008


My twins
Likes: Mom, bananas, pizza, macaroni, swings and wagons.
Dislikes: Sleeping and KU.

I'm a K-State fan. That's where I graduated. That's the team I followed since I was a toddler. 

My husband is a KU fan. We have a divided house.

He's one of those die-hard Jayhawk fans. He recalls listening to games at night on the radio when everyone in his family was asleep. So, naturally, it was a stressful time around our house during the NCAA tournament this year.

Now he's preparing to frame every newspaper in the land that had a front-page picture of the Jayhawks. He has a championship T-Shirt. He says I don't understand. My team only as won a national championship in debate.

Still, I say, he's out numbered.

If I have it my way, the girls and I won't be wearing red and blue anytime soon. We bleed purple.

But, I'll have to admit, if he was posting this, he'd probably be writing a different story. And if he had his way, the girls would have more red and blue in the closet than purple and white. 

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Kim Benson, KFSA said...

cute photo! of course I like the hawks outfit best...