Monday, May 19, 2008

Top baby names of 2007

My girls' names didn't make the list ...

The Social Security Commission has revealed the most popular baby names in 2007 - and has broken it down for a state-by-state view.
In Kansas, ``Ethan'' topped the list of boy's names and ``Addison'' was the most popular girl's name.
``Jacob'' and ``Emily'' topped the national list and were among the top five most popular names in Kansas.
Take a look.
Boys names:
1. Ethan
2. Jacob
3. Alexander
4. Jackson
5. Noah
Girls names:
1. Addison
2. Emma
3. Ava
4. Madison
5. Emily
For more lists, including the 1,000 most popular names for 2007 and the top 100 twin names in 2007, visit

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Sarah G. said...

Yeah, well, Brett and Kaci are at the top of my list anyway!